It is with profound sadness we regret to announce that we will be closing permanently effective September 30, 2020.

We hoped with over 10 years in business, we would be able to weather the economic storm that has affected so many other small business owners.

We have been struggling like so many other businesses and it has gotten to the point where we are unable to continue. We keep getting asked if we can “hang on” just a little longer. We wish we could. We really do. Supporting local businesses is so important and we cannot stress that enough.

We would like to thank all of our clients for the memories and we will miss you all greatly.

Rob & Laurel

P.S. All Heritage Estates kits are $55; all Grand Cru kits are $70; Orchard Breezin’ $70; Cru International kits are $80; Cru Select kits are $100 and we have one En Primeur Viognier (white) kit for $120.

Additional items for sale are posted to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/therideauwinery 

We do not have extra corks for sale.

Here’s a list of the bigger items that are up for sale. All prices include HST. Will add to the list as pieces come available.

  • Semi-automatic, stainless steel corker with 2.5 HP compressor and degassing system (6 nodes), all hoses, spare parts, etc. $2000 (likely the ABC Cork Winemaking Corker).
  • PET 23L carboys $10
  • 25L Plastic pails $10
  • 25L Glass Carboys $20
  • 6 Glass demi-john (12.5L) carboys $15
  • Toshiba B-SA4T-T USB label printer (black only, with ribbon refill) with custom printable labels & label rack $350
  • SOLD 30-bottle Full-size wine barrel wine rack $300
  • 12 matching 2.5” wood-frame photo frames (8” x 10”) $60 or $7 each
  • Various photo frames $5 each