There is an emerging trend where most tea-infused wines are being done by individuals at home. However, we are noticing some vineyards (including one in Ontario) that are starting to develop their own tea-wine infusions. These are the start of something uniquely wonderful.

On September 20, 2018, we launched our tea-infused series kits – Chamomile Chablis, Green Tea Riesling and Chai Vieux Chateau du Roi.

These are not to be mistaken for kombucha (fermented tea). The tea-infused wine starts at the beginning during primary fermentation. Much like some wines will have raisins, grape skins, elderberries and so on, where those are placed into the primary fermenter for two weeks for initial fermentation, we do the same with the teas.

Just as some wines have tannins, smoky, fruity or floral properties, teas have the same.

We paired the camomile with the chablis as it’s a marvelous wine that takes on the flavours it’s paired with. It has wonderful floral notes that are everything people love about the tea. From the aromatherapy aspect, it is very calming.

The green tea, with its tannins, balances beautifully with the riesling creating a very fresh, clean wine that feels good on the palate.

The chai we paired with the Vieux Chateau du Roi (think Châteauneuf-du-Pape) and highlights the rich berry and plum flavours of the wine. This will make a perfect fall and winter wine to cozy up to when the weather gets cold again.

As with our other artisanal kits, they are 5-weeks and are priced at $120 (including the juice kit $90, basic fermentation package and taxes $30).