Snowbirds Service

For our snowbirds: We’ve heard various “rumours” on how much homemade wine you can take with you into the states. So we did some research.

It comes down to personal consumption and generally that is one case per adult. So if you and your spouse are travelling to Florida for a month or two, you are able to take two cases of well-labelled wine with you.

If you prefer not it take with with you, we can store your wine (in the carboy) until you return. It will have aged and you won’t be panicking that you’ve run out unexpectedly. This has happened with many of our snowbirds in the past.

For the full scoop, please reference the US Governments‘ page.

Know the state laws for your point of entry as they vary from state to state. “A general rule of thumb is that 1 case of alcohol is a personal use quantity – although travelers are still subject to state restrictions which may allow less.”