For those that don’t know about mead, it’s a delightful concoction made with honey. It is most commonly associated with the Vikings of old and current-day Brits. There are many, many varieties out there and we have chosen to make a traditional, off-dry. We started with two varieties – the traditional and a maple version. In July 2018, we added 14 more natural extract flavours.

Here’s the fun part. If you want to do 1/2 batch as traditional and the other 1/2  with one of our natural extracts (apple, blackberry, black currant, cherry, chocolate, elderberry, elderflower, ginger, grapefruit, peach, raspberry, root beer, strawberry, vanilla or the Blitzen Estate maple) you absolutely can. Or if you like one flavour so much you want the entire batch that way, you definitely can.

Each mead kit ($130 including $30 fermentation and taxes) produces approximately 21 to 23 litres and fits into 28 or 30, 750 ml bottles. If you want the 375 ml bottles, 60 of those are $55. If you like living on the edge, we can bag them for easy fridge storage too. You’ll need five (5) 4L bags at $3 each. Each mead kit takes about 5 weeks and comes in at $120 for the kit, fermentation and taxes.