Maple Infused Kits

We like to work with quality products and local suppliers where possible and here at the Winery is no exception. For those that know us, we put our personal stamp on everything we do and this includes how we do things here at The Rideau Winery. There are many incredible local products and one is maple syrup.

One of our suppliers – Blitzen Estate – has fantastic maple syrup and we use it at T’s Chips …and more where it’s exceptionally popular.

Blitzen Estate Maple SyrupCaylyn & Kevin (of Blitzen Estate) popped in for a quick visit in February and we told them about our idea to do a mead. One version we wanted to do was maple. It was an easy answer for them and eagerly awaited the start of the mead. They threw the idea of doing a maple wine at us, but knew right away it could be cost prohibitive for them and our customers. That’s when we stumbled into the notion of using one of the kits and creating our proprietary recipe with it.

We picked one of the dry whites we have that has green apple flavours and would pair with the syrup.

It worked! It worked really well.

The crispness of the green apple coupled with the natural maple are a match made in flavour heaven. We tame the acidity (dryness) at the end with a touch of the wine conditioner and we have a perfect, unique product to enjoy cold.

For the red version, we selected the rich Cabernet Sauvignon for its black cherry, dark plum, blackberry and other dark fruit flavours. It was gorgeous! It is a lovely, deeply flavoured red with a hint of maple at finish and was completely transformed when we chilled it. It’s a marvelous treat at “room temperature” (about 62 to 65 degrees) or something altogether unique when chilled as you do with a white wine.

Each Maple Sauvignon Blanc or Maple Cabernet Sauvignon kit produces approximately 23 litres, 28 to 30 bottles and takes five weeks to produce. It costs $120 (including the juice kit $90, basic fermentation package and taxes $30).