Harvest Series

Unoaked Apricot Chardonnay

We continually push artisanal craft winemaking to new levels and our latest line is no exception. With our Harvest Series, we take dried fruits such as fig, date and apricot and steep them during the fermentation process to bring out the best of both products. Coming in at $120 (including fermentation and taxes of $30), you can still afford to go out for dinner. A few times.



Fig Merlot

The artisanal series debuted October 2018. We have an Unoaked Apricot Chardonnay, Fig Merlot and a Date Shiraz. We selected the fruit that best pairs with each wine to create the unique blends that bring out the best of both products.



Date Shiraz

If you appreciate unique, artisanal products, these will open another door of discovery for you. Add one of the Harvest Series products to your collection to share with family friends for any occasion.


For autumn of 2018, we will have five (5) kits of our very own Fruit Cake Wine available. With approximately four to five pounds of dried fruits such as apricots, sultanas, figs, dates, cherries, currants, citrus mix, vanilla and a select spice blend, this will give you something special to share during the holiday season. Coming in at $145 (incl fermentation and taxes), this six week kit  still leaves money to start your Christmas/holiday shopping.

For more of our artisanal products such as our mead, maple or tea infused kits please click these links.