Backyard Wine

Don’t forget that fruit tree in your yard as could be making you a delicious, scratch-made backyard wine.

The cost for this service is a budget-friendly $50 (including fermentation fee, taxes and maintenance).

Gather it up (making sure it isn’t inhabited or damaged too badly) and bring it in. For every six kilos (12 to 15 pounds) of fruit, you’ll need four kilos of sugar to bring with you.

We’ll need about 10 to 15 minutes of your time to break the fruit up & for you to pitch the yeast. The rest is on us until you come in to do the bottling.

We can use fresh or frozen fruit or produce such as strawberries, mixed berry blends, mixed fruit blends, canned pineapple, rosehips, potatoes, corn and so on. Besides the product, will need 6 kilos of your product plus 4 kilos of sugar (per batch).

If there’s a Backyard Batch you want to make, come in and we’ll create a plan to make it happen.

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