We Are…

We are passionate about about what we do. In November 2017, Robert & Laurel (of T’s Chips …and more) officially took over as the new owners of the Rideau Winery! Known for working with high-quality products and family-like customer service, they plan to keep it going at The Rideau Winery.

We offer a diverse collection of fruit, red, white and rosé varieties from around the world. All of our products are supplied to us exclusively by RJS Craft Winemaking. They are the largest, most successful and respected wine kit producer in Canada. Whether you seek full-bodied and hearty red (Nebbiolo or Amarone) or light and refreshing white (Verdicchio or Liebfraumilch) wine, you’ll surely discover a style to suit your individual taste and budget.

In addition to our Canadian-supplied kits, we also have our artisanal kits and meads.

We maintain competitive pricing and a 100% quality guarantee on all of our products. You can find more information about them in the More Info & Services section under Our Kits.

No appointment necessary to start any of our kits. It only takes about 5 minutes of your time. Come in to enjoy a personal, friendly atmosphere that makes your craft winemaking adventure a fun, relaxing and memorable experience. If you would like to have one of your friends or relatives expedite your kit for you, please click this link for more information or inquire about this process in store.

One Day Pop-up Sales

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter as this is where we post our pop-up sales. We announce them around 8 AM or 9 AM and run until we close that day. You can save anywhere from $10 to $20 on our kits. Cannot be combined with any other offer for these one day pop-up sales.

You Say It’s Your Birthday!

You have one special day a year that’s all yours and to help celebrate, we’re offering $10 off your purchase. *Government-issued ID required* Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Winemaking is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1   We’ll help you choose your wine style (there are dozens of kits to
choose from)
2   You add the yeast to the ingredient mix (about 5 minutes)
3   You return 4 to 8 weeks later to bottle 28 to 30, 750ml bottles of finished wine for your enjoyment. It takes approximately 30 minutes of your time.

One batch of wine equals approximately 21 to 23 litres filling 28-30, 750ml bottles. The Specialty products are 1/2 batches (approximately 10 to 12 litres) and fill 28 to 30, 325ml bottles.

The Rideau Winery is licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and strictly adheres to the Rules and Regulations as set forth when operating a Ferment/U-Vint On-Premise.  As per the AGCO, any individual making wine in a Ferment/U-Vint On-Premise requires the customer to be “On The Premises” and “Actively Participating” while initially starting the wine as well as at its conclusion during the bottling process. Any organization that deviates from these rules and regulations risks confiscation or disposal of customers wines as well as fines and license suspensions to the organization.